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Daftar perusahaan Minyak menurut alfabet

[sunting] Daftar perusahaan minyak menurut alfabet
Daftar isi: Top - 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z - Pranala luar

[sunting] A
Alon USA, Amerika Serikat
Amerada Hess Corporation, Amerika Serikat
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Amerika Serikat
Arbusto Energy, Amerika Serikat

[sunting] B
BG Group, United Kingdom
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, India
BHP Billiton, Australia
BP, United Kingdom

[sunting] C
Cairn Energy, India
Canadian Natural Resources, Kanada
Charottar Gas Sahkari Mandli., India
Chevron Corporation, Amerika Serikat
Chem-Energy Corporation, Amerika Serikat. lihat [2]
Citgo, Venezuela
CNOOC Ltd., Republik rakyat tiongkok
ConocoPhillips, Amerika Serikat
Cupet, Kuba

[sunting] D
Devon Energy, Amerika Serikat

[sunting] E
Ecopetrol, Kolombia
Enbridge, Kanada
EnCana, Kanada
ENSCO International, Amerika Serikat. lihat [3]
Elinoil Hellenic Petroleum Comopany S.A., Yunani
Eni, Italy
Essar Oil, India
ExxonMobil, Amerika Serikat

[sunting] G
Gujarat Oleo Chem Ltd., India
Geo Global Resources., India
Grupa LOTOS, Polandia
Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd., India
Gujrat State Petroleum Corporation, India
Gulf Oil, Amerika Serikat

[sunting] H
Halliburton, Amerika Serikat
HOECL, India
Husky Energy Inc., Kanada

[sunting] I
Imperial Oil, Kanada
Indian Oil Corporation, India
INPEX Corporation, Jepang
Irving Oil, Kanada

[sunting] J
Jubiliant Empro, India

[sunting] K
Kerr-McGee, Amerika Serikat
Koch Industries, Amerika Serikat

[sunting] L
The Louisiana Land & Exploration Company, Amerika Serikat
LUKoil, Rusia

[sunting] M
Marathon Oil Corporation, Amerika Serikat
Maxol Group, Republic Irlandia

[sunting] N
Neste Oil, Finlandia
NNPC, Nigeria
Norsk Hydro, Norwegia
North Atlantic Petroleum, Kanada
Northern Territory Oil Limited, Australia

[sunting] O
Oil India Limited, India
OMV, Austria
ONGC, India
Orlen, Polandia

[sunting] P
Petronet LNG Limited, India
Piyush Petroleum Co. Ltd, India
Pankaj Petroleum Co. Ltd, India
Petróleos de Venezuela, Venezuela
Petroleos Mexicanos, Meksiko
Petro-Canada, Kanada
Petro Peru, Peru
Petrobras, Brasil
PetroChina, China
Petroconpak, Pakistan
PetroKazakhstan, Kanada
Petronas, Malaysia
Petrotrin, Trinidad dan Tobago
Pertamina, Indonesia
Prize Petroleum CO.LTD., India
Pogo Producing, Amerika Serikat
Pakistan State Oil, Pakistan

[sunting] Q
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

[sunting] R
Reliance Industries Limited, India
Repsol YPF, Spanyol
Royal Dutch Shell, Belanda, United Kingdom

[sunting] S
Santos Limited, Australia
Saudi Aramco, Arab Saudi (the largest in the world)
Selan Exploration Tech.Ltd., India
Shell Canada, Kanada (anak perusahaan dari Royal Dutch Shell)
Shell Oil Company, Amerika Serikat (anak perusahaan dari Royal Dutch Shell)
Ship N Oil Corporation, Amerika Serikat. lihat [4]
Sinclair Oil, Amerika Serikat
Sinopec, China
Sonangol, Angola
Sonatrach, Aljazair
SPC, Singapura
Statoil, Norwegia
Stuart Petroleum Limited, Australia
Sunoco, Amerika Serikat
Suncor Energy, Kanada
Surgutneftegaz, Rusia
Syncrude, Kanada

[sunting] T
Talisman Energy, Kanada
Teikoku Oil, Jepang
Todd Energy, Selandia Baru
Total, Perancis
Tüpraş, Turki
Tri Star, Australia

[sunting] U
United Petroleum, Australia

[sunting] V
Vaalco Energy Inc., Amerika Serikat
Van Doren Oil, Amerika Serikat

[sunting] W
Woodside Petroleum, Australia

[sunting] Y
YPFB, Bolivia
YUKOS, Rusia

[sunting] Referensi
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